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Needless to say the relevance of the problem of treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) - it is beyond doubt. Presented in 2001 in Geneva, in material of the European Urological Association survey data for patients with symptoms of urination disorders in BPH, showed that: 58% of men deliberately reduced order viagra brand fluid intake in the evening, 41% avoided visiting places where there is no toilet, 31% refuses to travel long distances, 20% less likely to try to leave the house.

Tablitsa.Rezultaty the drug Prostamol ® Uno

Drug therapy plays an important role in the treatment of BPH and is based on the results of recent studies of the pathogenesis and mechanisms of action of drugs, based plant extracts. Experience of using therapeutic properties palm Sabalis serrulatae, for example, over one hundred years.

On various models in vitro and in vivo was proved arising under the influence of the extract Sabalis serrulatae inhibited activity of 5-alpha reductase and aromatase - the key viagra pfizer cialis eli lilly  levitra bayer enzymes that play an important role in the pathogenesis of BPH. Under the influence of these enzymes is biotransformation of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and estradiol, which ultimately leads to the development processes of hyperplasia of the prostate. Our experiments show that the extract Sabalis serrulatae completely inhibited the growth of implanted mice with human prostate tissue exposed to dihydrotestosterone.

In pharmacodynamic studies have also shown that the extract Sabalis serrulatae can interact with the androgen receptors of prostate tissue by specific and competitive binding.

In addition, there were anti-inflammatory, anti and immunomodulatory effects Sabalis serrulatae. Immunostimulatory activity is attributed to its polysaccharide and geteroglikanovoy factions. Anti-edema effect was shown in experiments on laboratory animals - extract Sabalis serrulatae inhibited the increased capillary permeability.

Herbal drugs for the treatment of BPH is well known and widely applied. They are the most popular today in Europe and in Japan.

According to a survey conducted in 1998 among 760 outpatients Urological Clinic, University of Chicago, suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia, 12% of patients using generic or brand drugs herbal medicines to treat the disease, while 37% were aware of this group of drugs, but did not use them.

Great interest in herbal medicines and shows our medicine.

Given the steady trend of population aging in Europe and the contingent of patients with BPH, I would like to highlight some features of drug therapy in the elderly.

Increases with age, the number of illnesses, reduced quality of life of patient-related, including socio-economic aspects, and makes us more cautious about the appointment of one or another form of treatment.

If we consider the issue of medical therapy of BPH, you should consider first of all, how concerned are available patient symptoms and whether they do. It is no secret that in some cases, specialists are on prophylactic drugs, although the presence of an adenoma is not an indication for treatment. However, it is often justified. Here and there the problem of male masturbation research scientists choosing the drug. Should recognize that the most appropriate in this situation are just herbs, has long been used in the treatment of urination disorders, as evidenced by the ancient Egyptian papyri in the IV. BC

In this case, the following mechanisms of action of plant extracts:


      Inhibitory effect on 5-alpha reductase and blocking the action of androgen receptors;

      Cytotoxic effect when exposed to cells of hyperplastic prostate;

      Reduce product binding globulin sex hormone;

      Inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis in the prostate gland and thereby ensure the anti-inflammatory effect.

Herbal preparations to date are so broad that it is impossible to speak about their effectiveness in general. " Some groups of drugs have been subjected to severe clinical trials and from the standpoint of evidence-based medicine have confirmed their efficacy and safety. In some cases, studies conducted by international standards, yet.

In order to determine the effectiveness of the extract Sabalis serrulatae, for example, 18 randomized trials of the extract in one form or another, compared to placebo and levitra brand other drugs have been subjected to meta-analysis. As a result of the analysis with a high degree of confidence (p <0,001) has been demonstrated that treatment leads to an increase in Qmax by an additional 1.87 ml / s and reduces the frequency of nighttime urination at 0.55 compared to placebo (Wilt TJ et al, 2000 ).

Speaking of comparing herbal medicines with other groups of conservative means (alpha-adrenergic blockers, inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase, etc.), it should be noted that some of the herbal extracts are quite competitive in its efficacy and tolerability for the patient.

For example, according to a comparative study between the synthetic drugs tamsulosin and extract Sabalis serrulatae, conducted under the supervision of Professor Debryuena, the main clinical parameters - IPSS, Qmax, and the patient's quality of life - the end of the year of treatment indicated a nearly identical clinical effect, although a more rapid effect comes with tamsulosin.

At present in Europe for the treatment of BPH is used about 20 herbal drugs. Extract Sabalis serrulatae is the principal ingredient in Prostamol ® Uno German pharmaceutical company Menarini Berlin-Hemi/Gruppa. The drug was significant clinical trials in the largest Russian medical centers and has established itself as an effective means for treating early stages of BPH.

Thus, in the Institute of Urology of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health, he was taken for 4 months, patients with early stages of BPH. While taking the drug long lasting positive changes: the maximum rate of urination has increased by more than half, and the index of complaints on a scale of IPSS decreased significantly.

The results of treatment are presented in the table.

Tolerability in all patients was good. Adverse reactions in any case was not.

The benefits of this drug include a alcohol and potency are not compatible convenient dosage form - 320 mg extract Sabalis serrulatae, which provides single dose of the drug per day.

Talking about herbal medicine, we can not dwell on the economic aspect of this issue. According to Dr. Holtgryu, "the costs of treating BPH and for society will be doubled from 1990 to 2020. as the population ages, the economic aspect, perhaps, will have more impact than the scientific study of the disease itself. "

Soklandom calculated ratio of the average cost of treating this disease herbal remedies, alpha-blockers and finasteride is 1:2:3 respectively. In the long-term therapy is one of the advantages of using herbal medicines. Given that the amount of the consumer basket of our patients do not always match their financial capabilities, should bear in mind this important aspect, especially in elderly patients and the elderly.

To date, millions of patients undergo successful treatment herbal remedies, have proved their efficacy and good tolerability. These drugs have taken their place in the medical therapy of BPH and deserve medical attention.
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Clinical forms of infection

Acute cystitis

The reason

Called E. coli in 80% of cases, S. saprophyticus-in 10-15% of cases, Klebsiella and Proteus - in 5-10% of cases.


   1. Based on the clinical picture and presence of pyuria.
   2. Cultural studies of urine is not mandatory.
   3. Exclusions: pregnancy, diabetes, duration of symptoms more than 7 days, an episode of the recently postponed a urinary tract infection, age over 65 years.

Differential Diagnosis

Symptoms of dysuria may be associated not only with acute cystitis caused by Escherichia coli, and urethritis caused by chlamydia or gonococcus, as well as obesity, associated with the presence of Candida or Trichomonas.

   1. For urinary tract infection characterized by acute onset, detailed urological symptoms, pain over the womb or in the back.
   2. If urethritis caused by chlamydia, gonococcus, or herpes, start gradually, urological symptoms less endless love severe, there are signs of cervicitis (separation), there may be vulvar lesions (cold sores), particularly sexual activity (new partner).
   3. Fungal or trichomonas coleitis characteristic vaginal discharge, often with the smell of the picture when viewed from vulvovaginitis, pruritus, dyspareunia, lack of frequent urination.
   4. In the analysis of urine bacterial count is always less than 100 in 1 ml.

Carried out with antibiotics for 3 days.
In individuals with the aforementioned aggravating factors - within 7 days.

It must be remembered:

    * Approximately 30% of patients with acute cystitis have a latent infection of the kidneys.
    * One-third of the bacterial strains causing cystitis, resistance to amoxicillin and sulfonamides, about 15-20% - to nitrofuranov, 5-15% - to Biseptol (trimethoprim / sulfamethoxazole), but less than 5% - to fluoroquinolones.

Important Notes:

    * For the beta-lactam antibiotikov3-day course of therapy is less effective than treatment for 5 days or more.
    * Trimethoprim / sulfamethoxazole is not recommended for treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections due to the high level of antibiotic resistance to it the main uropathogens in Russia.
    * Fosfomycin trometamol effective in the treatment of acute cystitis in a single dose: 3,0 inside.

Suggested 5-day treatment regimens:
cefixime 400 mg 1 time per day
tseftibuten 400 mg 1 time per day
aksetil cefuroxime 250 mg 2 times a day
amoxicillin / clavulanate 375 mg 3 times a day
furagin 100 mg 3-4 times a day

Repeated episodes of infection
There are approximately 20% of women with cystitis.

   1. Necessary to estimate a hidden source of infection or urinary tract anomalies in the structure: in these cases, treatment may be extended up to 2-6 weeks.
   2. Women using the diaphragm and / or spermicides impotence you must know truth need to change the method of contraception.
   3. Postmenopausal women showed topical estrogen (estriol), cultures of urine and drug prevention.
   4. When 2 or less episodes of infection during the year shows the normal 3-day treatment in the presence of infection.
   5. When 3 or more episodes within a year can postcoital prophylaxis, if the exacerbation is associated with sexual intercourse. If such a relationship is not found, prevention is carried out continuously: every day or two.

Recommended Regimens for prevention:
furadonin 50-100 mg
norfloxacin 200 mg
cephalexin 250 mg
Fosfomycin trometamol 3.0 in 10 days

Acute pyelonephritis

Called E. coli in more than 80% of cases.


   1. Microscopic examination of urine, which is almost always present pyuria and gram-negative bacteria.
   2. About 20% of patients in 1 ml of urine is planted less than 100 000 organisms that are not visible in the smear, Gram-stained.
   3. Urine culture results should be conducted in all women.
   4. In severe cases, you need to research on blood culture, which is positive in 15-20% of cases.

Recommended treatment viagra brand purchase of acute uncomplicated pyelonephritis:

Remember: 20-30% of the agents of pyelonephritis are resistant to amoxicillin and first generation cephalosporins, which should not be used for the treatment of acute pyelonephritis without microbiological evidence of its effectiveness.

In addition:

    * Patients with mild disease can be treated as outpatients.
    * Hospitalization is indicated for severe and for all pregnant women.

Management of patients

   1. Treatment begins with intravenous antibiotics and continued until normalization of body temperature (48-72 hours).
   2. Further treatment is continued orally to complete a full course in 14days, and the allocation of enterococcus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa - to 21dnya.
   3. If pain and fever persist for more than 72 hours, repeat the urine culture results, to evaluate the possibility of perirenal or intrarenal abscess, urinary tract anomalies or obstruction.
   4. Control of urine culture results performed 2 weeks after completion of treatment.
   5. Complicated form of the disease, antibiotic potency difficulties resistance developing against the background of metabolic, functional (atony of the bladder, stricture urethra, the relaxation of the pelvic floor, catheters, diabetes, postmenopause, urolithiasis) or anatomical abnormalities of the urinary tract.
          * Microflora: E. coli (34,5%), E. faecalis (16%), Proteus mirabilis (13%), S.epidermidis (12%), Klebsiella (7%) and others (18%).
          * Begin treatment with drugs should fluoroquinolones.
          * However, is acceptable to and in the introduction: ampicillin / gentamicin, imipenem / cilastatin (0,25-0,5 6-8 hours), meropenem (0.5 to 8 hours), aztreonam (1.0 by 8-12 hours), ticarcillin / clavulanic acid (3,2 6-8), piperacillin / tazobactam (4.5 to 8 hours).
          * Treatment should be accompanied by culture results of urine sample for sensitivity to antibiotics.
          * Cultural studies may change the treatment.
          * The allocation of P. aeruginosa appointed effective cephalosporins (ceftazidime, cefoperazone, cefepime) or carbapenems (imipenem, meropenem).
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Calcium-oxalate urolithiasis. Hyperoxaluria - the main predisposing factor for the formation of calcium oxalate stones [17,18]. Hyperoxaluria is associated with a deficiency of enzymes. "Gut" hyperoxaluria is more common and is caused by excessive absorption of oxalate from the colon. Excessive absorption of oxalate may be due to binding of calcium with dietary fibers in the intestine, consumption of large amounts of plant foods. Ascorbic acid in fruits and vegetables, is converted into oxalate, leading to increased absorption of oxalate from the intestine. On the other hand, reduces the absorption of oxalate and calcium excretion in the urine due to the formation of a complex compound between calcium and oxalate in the intestinal lumen [11.17]. Magnesium reduces the absorption and excretion of oxalate in urine by forming complexes with oxalate. The combination of calcium urolithiasis and hyperoxaluria observed in 40-50% The case of. Patients with giperkaltsiyuriey in normokaltsiemii relate to persons with idiopathic giperkaltsiyuriey. "Idiopathic" giperkaltsiyuriya of the most common causes of recurrent calcium oxalate urolithiasis [11,17,18]. Giperkaltsiyuriya be "absorptive" and "kidney." "Absorptive" giperkaltsiyuriyu associated with primary increases calcium absorption in the small intestine and considered hereditary. "Renal" giperkaltsiyuriya associated with tubular defect that leads to inadequate calcium reabsorption in renal tubule and is accompanied by excessive compensatory suction it in the digestive tract [11]. In the 5 and 3% of calcium stones are formed due to primary hyperparathyroidism and renal tubular acidosis [11,13]. Renal tubular acidosis is characterized by decreased ability of secretion of hydrogen ions, especially in the distal tubules. The disease leads to giperhloremicheskomu metabolic acidosis, which may be accompanied by giperkaltsiyuriey, gipotsitraturiey and the formation of calcium stones [11]. The cause of calcium urolithiasis with normal urinary excretion of calcium is gipotsitraturiya, giperurikozuriya, urinary stasis.

Citrate and urine - is an important inhibitor of calcium oxalate stone formation [11.17]. Potassium deficiency reduces the excretion of citrate in the urine. The mechanism is secondary due to decrease in brand name cialis intracellular pH or increasing the secretion of hydrogen ions into the lumen of proximal tubules with hypokalemia [17]. Reducing the level of sodium in the diet may also help to reduce the excretion of calcium. Sachaee et al. (1993) suggest that high sodium intake significantly increases calcium excretion in the urine. This is probably due to inhibition of reabsorption in the renal tubules of calcium in relation to the retention of sodium, extracellular fluid.

Stones of mixed phosphate magnesium salt and ammonium (struvita) formed as a result of infection caused by Proteus and Pseudomonas. These organisms have urease activity, ie break down urea and promote production of ammonium and hydroxyl groups, which leads to increased urinary pH [11,12]. An increase in urine pH is falling crystals phosphate magnesium salt and ammonium (struvita).

Cystinuria - a hereditary disease with autosomal retsissivnym type of inheritance. The basis of cystinuria is a violation of transmembrane transport, which leads to a violation of absorption in the intestine and resorption in the proximal tubules of dibasic amino acids (cystine, ornithine, lysine, arginine). Cystine urolithiasis manifested cystinuria and occurs only in homozygotes. Stones may form in childhood, but the peak incidence occurs in the second and third decade. Cystine is poorly soluble in urine, which leads to his loss in the form of crystals [11,12].

Treatment of urolithiasis can be operational (DSWL, X-ray endourological surgery and traditional open surgery), medical and preventive. Choice of treatment based on the results of clinical examination of the patient, the chemical structure concrement, concomitant diseases.

Despite the development of modern methods of treatment, the need to use pharmacological agents saved. Their use reduces the risk of recurrent stone formation due to the correction of biochemical changes in blood and urine, and also promotes expectoration concretions up to 0.5 cm in this article, we decided to stay on the basic principles of pharmacological treatment of patients with ICD.

General recommendations include: diet therapy, monitoring daily fluid intake, an exercise therapy, physiotherapy and spa treatments.

The nature of power is one of the major risk factors for urinary stones, and in this respect, an important role acquires diet therapy, adequate fluid maintenance, etc. Dietary recommendations are based on chemical analysis of removal of the stone and aimed at correcting the biochemical changes in the body.

Dietary recommendations for urate urolithiasis: the exclusion of foods high in purine compounds (which are the sources of education in the body of uric acid), such as various meat products (sausages, meat broths, organ meats), beans, coffee, chocolate, cocoa. Low urinary pH and citrate excretion is associated with high intake of animal protein and alcohol due to metabolic acidosis. Citrate excretion decreases with acidosis due to reabsorption in the proximal renal tubule fluid with low pH. Exception of alcohol and reducing the protein in a balanced diet leads to increased urinary pH and citrate. The patient should be advised daily intake of 2,5-3,0 liters of liquid to achieve the volume of urine more than 2 l / cutki. Moreover, the consumption of alkali ions (potassium) and organic acids (citrate and lactate) with vegetables and their transition into bicarbonate explains the further increase of pH and citrate excretion.
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Acute pyelonephritis is an acute inflammation of the renal parenchyma and the calyx-pelvis system. In most cases it occurs as a severe infectious disease, with severe intoxication. Acute pyelonephritis can be primary, if he does not precede the kidney and urinary tract, and secondary if it occurs on the basis of other urological diseases, leading to a breach of the outflow of urine, or disorders of blood and lymph circulation in the kidney. The disease occurs in all age groups, but they are also more sick children, and women young and middle age.

Acute pyelonephritis is 10-15% of all diseases pochek.V during acute pyelonephritis distinguish two stages: the serous and purulent inflammation. Purulent forms of pyelonephritis occur in 25-30% bolnyh.K heavy purulent inflammatory kidney include apostematozny (suppurative), pyelonephritis, abscess, carbuncle and the kidneys. In some cases the disease may be complicated sosoch-kovym necrosis (necrotizing papillitis).

Primary acute pyelonephritis.

Primary conventionally called pyelonephritis that occurs without prior renal disease or urinary tract, although in most cases and primary pyelonephritis preceded by at least a short-term and subtle conventional methods of investigation, violations of urodynamics. In the primary pyelonephritis microorganisms penetrate into the kidney hematogenous route from remote foci of infection.

Symptomatology and clinical course.

For primary and acute pyelonephritis is characterized by a triad of symptoms - high fever, pain in the lumbar region, changes in the urine, characteristic of order brand viagra inflammation (leucocyturia, bacteriuria). The clinical picture distinguish between general and local symptoms. Primary acute pyelonephritis initially seen common symptoms: chills, fever up to high numbers, sweating and headache (mostly in the frontal lobes), pain in muscles and joints, nausea, vomiting, general malaise. Tongue dry and coated. Pulse frequent.

These symptoms are observed in a variety of infectious diseases, so there may be diagnostic errors. Local symptoms are associated with the appearance of pain in the kidney that is affected by inflammation (ie, in the lumbar region, in the upper quadrant). Pain may be intense, but dull and are permanent rather than paroxysmal harakter.Temperatura body in the evening reaches 39-40 ° and decreases in the morning before 37,5-38 ° C. Symptom Pasternatskogo positive. Urination is usually not broken, except when acute pyelonephritis is a complication of acute cystitis or leads to an inflammatory process in the bladder. Amounts of urine frequently reduced due to sweating.

Children, especially young children, often acute pyelonephritis manifested high body temperature, vomiting, agitation, meningeal symptoms, leukocyturia. A similar clinical picture observed in children with a number of other infectious and inflammatory diseases, so the detection of acute pyelonephritis in them at the beginning of the disease particularly difficult. Most clearly expressed in these symptoms in newborns and infants detey.Starshie children complain of headaches, frequent painful urination.


In a primary diagnosis of acute pyelonephritis are the main criteria of clinical symptoms and laboratory findings. In the early stage of acute primary pyelonephritis, even when there is no leucocyturia, clinical disease is often mistakenly regarded as a manifestation of cholecystitis, appendicitis, influenza, typhoid and other infectious diseases. In this regard, recognition of the primary acute pyelonephritis is a very important and responsible task.

A history of paying attention to the presence of septic foci in the body (furuncle, sinusitis, pulpitis, mastitis, osteomyelitis, etc.), as well as past infectious diseases (influenza, tonsillitis, pneumonia, cholecystitis, enterocolitis, and others). In those cases where there is a primary characteristic symptoms of acute pyelonephritis (fever, pain in the lumbar region and the changes in the urine, indicating an inflammatory process), the recognition of the disease does not cause difficulties.
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Overall, the average person, especially the elderly, clinical symptoms (objective, subjective) was less pronounced than in young adults. Moreover, there is the prevalence of subjective symptoms in females.

When you receive the total number of red blood cells of patients does not go beyond the norm. This also applies to the content of Hb and CPU. Against this background, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate was noted in all patients. Patients in both age groups the microhematuria (2-5 erythrocytes in p / sp) oksalaturiya (+,++). In the urine of either group revealed squamous epithelium. It should be noted that hyperoxaluria was found in 19 (38%) patients with ICD.

The content of total bilirubin within the normal range, whereas in patients with ICD concentration of ALT is much smaller than normal numbers (P <0.05). It should also be noted that the concentration of cholesterol in the blood of patients with ICD almost 2 times higher than in control group. Meanwhile, this figure is practically the upper limit of normal.

Total protein in blood plasma of patients with ICD increased by globulin fraction, as evidenced by a decline in the albumin / globulin. Moreover, the content of globulin increased, mainly due to alpha and beta fractions.

Thymol test in patients with ICD increased almost 3-fold, compared with rates in the control group. Increased and the concentration of glucose in the blood. Meanwhile, the increase in indicators such as sugar, residual best price viagra nitrogen, urea, compared with the control group even though noticeable, but not beyond the normal vibrations. Against this background, increasing blood creatinine and prothrombin index is a significant (P <0.05). Analysis of blood ionograms shows that patients with ICD have hyponatremia, hypokalemia. Against this background notes hypercalcemia.

It should be noted that patients with ICD daily urine output of urine increased markedly and the proportion of urine markedly reduced. Moreover, the daily variation of maximum and minimum specific gravity of urine in patients with IBC is more pronounced than in the control group.

Sample Rehberg Tareeva indicates that glomerular filtration in patients with ICD reduced, whereas tubular reabsorption tends to increase. In addition, patients with IBC content of all formed elements (erythrocytes, leukocytes, cylinders) visualized in the urinary sediment was significantly elevated. Meanwhile, the degree of bacteriuria does not exceed the control values.

U.S. holds all 50 patients. In all cases the stones were revealed. Kidney stones were found in 38 (%) of 50 patients (right - at 10, the left - in 16, bilateral - at 12, and 14 (%) cases of ureteral stones were found (right - in 8 of the left - in 6)., As a result of the review and excretory urography in 22 of the 50 examined patients diagnosed with complications such as calculous pyelonephritis (15 patients), hydronephrosis (7 patients), which respectively account for 30% and 14%.

As seen from Figure 1, at IBC in women under the age of 45 years takes place reducing cortisol levels by an average of 10% compared with controls (P <0.05) in patients younger and, on average, 13% - of middle and old age (P <0,001). At the same time, men in the age of 45 years there has been an increase in cortisol levels by an average of 22% in persons over 45 years - by 16% compared with controls (P <0.05 and P <0.05) .

Thus, the concentration of cortisol in the blood of men increased, and for women, conversely, lowered. In addition, there was a significant difference between the content of cortisol in the blood of patients before and over 45 years (P <0.05 and P <0.05). Moreover, lower levels of cortisol in patients with middle and old age than, than in young patients.

As seen from Figure 2, when the ICD patients in age, like 45 years and older than 45 years, regardless of sex we have the distinct increase in content of 17-COP urine in comparison with control. In particular, such an increase noticeably in women - by 72% in those 45 years and 61% (P <0.01 and P <0.05). In men, a slight increase, respectively, at 21% and 17% (P <0.05 and P> 0.05).

Thus, the concentration level of 17-COP in the urine of patients in both age groups, regardless of gender, elevated Moreover, it is especially pronounced in women. In addition, the contents of 17-COP in the urine following a group of middle-aged and older, than, than in young patients.

Summary. The content of cortisol in the blood of men increased, and for women, conversely, lowered. In addition, lower levels of cortisol in patients with middle and old age than, than in brand cialis young patients. In our opinion, this fact indicates a low adaptive capacity of the female body, in comparison with men, as well as the weaker reactivity of patients with older age, compared with patients of younger age.

Content level of 17-COP in the urine of patients in both age groups, regardless of sex, increased. Moreover, this hormone in the urine following a group of middle-aged and older, than, than in young patients. The data obtained show a clear decrease in host defenses in patients with ICD.
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According to the results of the 78th competition, annually (since 1921) held in the U.S. victory in the fight for the title of "Miss America-99, scored a charming 24-year-old brunette from Virginia Nicole Johnson. August 19, 1998 at its head was given the tiara winner - National Crown and awarded a cash prize ($ 60,000). Undoubted advantage in this difficult competition for the title of "first beauty" of the last year of the millennium to get her in spite of serious illness: Nicole - diabetes mellitus type-I.

Nicole - born in the town of Roanoke, which is 300 miles southwest of Washington. In 1996 she became a Bachelor of Arts in English, and shortly before the contest received a master's degree in journalism. During the competition as a platform for participation were distributed the following statement Nicole: "I want to see a high level of awareness about diabetes nation - this silent killer, which annually falls on the lives of two hundred thousand Americans. Information about the six million victims who have not yet diagnosed diabetes, serve as a tool for us to understand the importance of a national educational campaign aimed at getting the financial and legislative support. "

 Nicole was born September 1, 1974 in the family of the typical representatives of the "Middle Class": her father - a teacher, mother - Medical Manager. Nature has blessed Nicole not only beauty but talent and a jazz vocalist. New-found title let Nicole use her notoriety as a mouthpiece, notifying people of America about the real side of life in patients with diabetes ...

In their fight for the title of "Miss America" Nicole was not the only patient with diabetes mellitus. Along with her in the contest participated the Miss New York 1998 "Diana Herrera, which is 8 years old have diabetes Type I and during the eleven years of coping with them with experience in managing the disease with blood glucose self-monitoring and active exercise.

On the steps of the Capitol Palace:

"Miss America" shows the children a device for insulin delivery.

Not only Nicole and Diana nominated for a beauty contest's initiative promoting knowledge about diabetes among Americans as a platform for performances. In those same days in the alternate contest, "Mrs. U.S. International first became Lisa Moser. She chose this platform because diabetes has become a particle of every day of her life - for her rise to the declaration of human disease has become a diabetic husband.

Acromegaly - neuroendocrine disease caused by chronic excessive secretion of growth hormone (GH) in patients with complete physiological growth and is characterized by abnormal disproportionate increase in periosteal bone, cartilage, soft tissues, internal organs, as well as a violation of the functional state of cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, peripheral endocrine glands, and various types of metabolism.

In most cases (95%) source of overproduction of growth hormone is a pituitary adenoma.

Currently, the main treatment for acromegaly is surgery transcranial or Transsphenoidal adenomectomy, will result in disease remission in 70-85% of cases, removal of microadenomas, and only 45-60% of cases, removal makroadenomy whose frequency reaches 72%. Thus, more than half of patients require additional therapy appointment. Currently, the best conservative treatment is the use of drug therapy of somatostatin analogues, which allow to significantly reduce or normalize the level of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IRF1) in these patients, significantly reduce the intensity of clinical symptoms [6,8].

Recent studies have shown that the appointment of somatostatin analogues therapy in the preoperative period improves the outcome of surgical intervention because of the positive dynamics in the overall condition of the patient, and also the pituitary adenoma [1].

Currently, Ipsen Biotech developed dosage form of long-acting somatostatin analogue lanreotid. The new dosage form allows for the therapeutic effect of one dose of the drug within 14 days. Study of lanreotida as a drug for preoperative therapy in cases of transsphenoidal adenomectomy showed that such training leads to increased effectiveness of surgical treatment. Conducting this research in Russia will provide additional information on the effects lanreotida with acromegaly.

Objective: to determine the therapeutic effect lanreotida, namely, its efficacy and tolerability of the preparation of patients with acromegaly by transsphenoidal adenomectomy.
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That camera has flaunts on your desk and you are impatient to have finally shoot carefully studying the manual for its operation. Stop! What am I doing? And many people do it? I am sure that no! Most just spoiling for a fight. And, incidentally, in vain! Many of the problems, both technical and artistic plan, there precisely because of obscurity of this book! For incorrect, suboptimal, inappropriate under the present character of the shooting settings can adversely affect not only the "health" of your camera, but on the result video. Would be very sad to see the hideous quality of the material. Therefore still advise you not to hurry up and read this book. If you learn to use the necessary time or another camera options, you will not only increase its impact (why pay extra money to spare, if it does not use it), but Lift artistic and technical quality to another level.

The main advantage of the camera - an opportunity to capture a moving image. Here is the implementation of this function and must send all the forces of shooting. But first things first.

At this point, you probably already read guide and clearly know how and what is included and is configured - it's time to start! Here, much depends on the type of your camera. So what are the camera? But! Again, this may affect the outcome of video? And here's how.

Say, the camera tape, the length of tape, for that matter, and other carriers are not infinite. You started to shoot the scene, and the cassette, as luck would have ended, requires a very long procedure for changing tapes and you will not wait! That is why, knowing, as far as media (tapes, memory cards, etc.), as well as the battery, you can advance to coincide with their shift in the pauses between scenes.

Types of Camcorder

Camcorders Once upon a time had a camera, which produced a record on a photosensitive film. But now they are only used professionally for shooting large-format films (for cinema).
Were and analog cameras, producing a record on magnetic tape (VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Video-8 and others), but they are already gone. They were replaced by digital cameras, but they are also recorded on magnetic tape (miniDV, DV). If miniDV had actually inherited the fate of earlier cameras, the DV format still exists in our professional cameras, but they will not, because talk about amateur videographers.

Settings in the above (amateur) cameras are not a lot. Basically, they relate to effects that are usually quite useless, because to effectively apply them during installation, which we will discuss in the next article. However, if you still want to watch the footage as is, and these effects on the camera can be amiss.

In today's market there are already cameras tapeless devices, namely the camera recording on optical discs, however, it is already too outdated version. There is a record to the hard drive and flash drive, ie on the SSD.

Here are some of the settings of these cameras and work out.

Prepare your camcorder for shooting

A menu of camera setup begins with the entrance of the menu. Immediately make a reservation, we will focus on those preferences, which may affect the technical or artistic quality of photography. How to activate a particular mode depends on the camera, so here we will not go into details. Let's begin!
Even though it does not affect the quality of shooting, but it is still recommended to set the date and time. It then helps you to determine the chronology of events. Nevertheless, "type in" date and time frame I would strongly recommend it! If the camera is tapeless, these data will be easily identified by date and time the file was created. When the date imprinted in the frame of speech of any artistic quality can not go.

Then, immediately turn off the digital zoom and forget about it. This is, in most cases also a useless function, because the very quality decreases because is a simple image scaling, and without a tripod to do nothing.
It will not hurt to suit your task to configure the microphone, if it allows the camera. For example, Panasonic makes the camera with a wide range of options microphone. The fact is that when shooting events where the sound is important, it is necessary that the quality was acceptable. In my opinion, the most suitable zoom microphone. Ie the angle of "hearing" the microphone is agreed with the position of the zoom - the wider the viewing angle, the greater the expanding field of "hearing" at the microphone. You can install a so-called syurraund where audio capture is happening in many planes, which makes the sound volume, the sound quality turns out fine. Another thing is that not all devices displaying information (TV, computer) will get the same quality.
Also, some cameras allow you to customize the depth (bit depth) of the sound, as a rule, it is either 12 or 16 bits. The higher the number the better (richer tones) sound, but also the flow of information, and size of files increases. Again, as guided by the subject and the importance of photography itself. For example, if you shoot a cacophony of the city, rather poor quality sound. Here I want to emphasize that if the plan for video processing (assembly), in most cases the sound cut out altogether.

A similar pattern with the size of the video. Many digital cameras allow adjustment of size and aspect ratio. The bigger, the better quality (higher definition), but more space on the media takes this video. If there is no shortage of places on the media or assumed a brief survey, I recommend readers MirSovetov shoot with a maximum size, and therefore the highest quality.
But the aspect ratio does not affect quality but affect the result. Top-selling standard 4:3 (the longest side greater than in the short 1.33-fold) and 16:9 and 3:2 for the photo. 4:3 aspect ratio are the most common televisions and monitors. 16:9 format - a specification for HDMI. His have TVs with HDMI and some monitors. This so-called wide format.
Hence the conclusion. If you want more coverage when shooting horizontal plane (to make coverage more widely), it is most advantageous to use 16:9 and if, conversely, to make more vertical plane (above), 4:3.
Fundamentals of video, but should not forget about that wherein you will then watch this video. Ie If the video format does not fit into the device displays the video, the use of screen real estate would be irrational. For example, when watching a video in 16:9 format on 4:3 TV, a black field horizontally, ie top and bottom. Conversely, if the source of 4:3 and 16:9 TV, then these fields will be vertical and there is even more inefficient use of the frame. Of course, many televisions in this case, the stretched image, but it becomes distorted.
That's basically the setup menus, which are most interesting and significant. There is still a very important exposure settings, focus on where you will learn from what the narrative.

So everything is set, you can shoot!

But do not rush especially if you want to go to "exit" video. What else do I need? Do not forget to charge the battery (ies), copy the existing fragments of the computer and clean the storage medium in the chamber to have enough free space. Check the camera. Now you can shoot!

Double one!

The basis of any movie is only a few components: a regular post (location); correctly selected point and shoot camera angle, the plot of selected exposure, timely and quality of camera motion and zoom; vision; timely exercise the desired position.

Proper rack - success!

Proper rack enhances the video quality To improve the quality of shooting, oddly enough, it is necessary to take a correct position in space. Depends on that your comfort (convenience racks and room to maneuver). The faster you get tired, including the inconvenience of the situation, the faster falling quality footage, enhanced camera shake, etc. Yes, and not in the charter of the state of ill-chosen situation detrimental to your creation. For example, you want to make a panorama, I should say that in classical shooting panoramas made camera movement from left to right or top to bottom, so that's when you get up incorrectly, because of the physiological characteristics of the spine, you may not be able to turn around as you wanted, and the panorama will not work. To avoid such incidents in the initial stages advise readers MirSovetov workout, not including the recording chamber. Over time you will know in advance how to get up.

Standing in one spot, put your feet on the shoulders, so your mill will be more stable, but the picture is less jolting. If you want to move, keep in mind that in order to enhance the effect of motion on the video have to do it without turning off the recording. Pre-inspect escape routes to elementary do not stumble, look, there will sit down when you need it. By the way, do not hesitate to sit down or, conversely, raise the camera up, when required by the nature of the movie, it does not forget that the camera can be kept at an angle.

While driving with the included camera, move in small steps, even a little shuffling, to avoid causing excessive shaking and the noise of steps.

Point and shoot camera angle

Point and shoot camera angle when shooting video point shooting - a place where you're shooting, and camera angle - the angle between the optical axis of the camera lens and the subject matter, ie Put simply, the angle - the angle between the camera and the stage.
Here we must recall that there is a movement, but it should in the frame to develop harmoniously. For example, you have settled down so badly that the actors are almost always located to the back or you often leave the frame. Therefore, choose a point and a perspective that they did not, leave the room for maneuver. Note also that moment that, by changing the angle on the vertical axis, we can accommodate the frame more details. For example, you shoot a child, which, though small, but not part of the whole (full length) in the frame. So it will happen if you shoot him with a knee, ie, sitting down to be roughly the same height. And if you withdraw from the level of growth, then the child would be embodied in all of its growth. But in this particular case, do not overdo it, because look down not look closely.
Here it is necessary to develop a sense of the scene and promptly take the necessary space. In no case do not remove standing in one place - the result is very boring!

Zoom and Zoom

Fundamentals of video and not rely on the convenience of zoom. Yes, it is convenient, but often all in the same boredom of what is happening. Solely dominated by the zoom, so it take a video of landscapes and architecture, when shooting events.

Incidentally, I recall, zoom - a device that allows you to change the lens focal length, which leads to a change in the plan with minor to major, or vice versa. As well as changing the angle of the field "view" of the lens. The greater the multiplicity of the zoom (more than an approximation), the smaller (narrower) the viewing angle and greater impact jolting.

What is the zoom is useful, and how to use it efficiently?
The main "horse" with this device, which, incidentally, is inherited by cameras from time immemorial - the ability to "snatch" the subject of the environment. And that's the essence.

Naturally, most will apply this technique when photographing people.
When shooting a scene the general plan you find an interesting facial expression or other action at the end you just want to distinguish this person from society. Moreover, as soon as the camera passes by this darling, fast enough "runs into" zoom on the face of this man, while stopping the movement of the camera. After some delay, and should not be delayed for a long time the camera (1-2) is "rolled back" and gradual resumption of traffic. But I advise readers MirSovetov not abuse this opportunity - so frequent repetition manipulation leads to more rapid exhaustion of spectators who will later view your creation.
And now as to why it is better to run, and not use zoom.

First, it immediately becomes clear that there are situations where the range of the zoom is just not enough. Or the subject does not fit into the frame and need to get away, or an object too small and should, conversely, approach. Also remember that at maximum zoom you can not shoot for a long time, because very much affected by the shaking.

Secondly, do not forget about coal field of view lens. In the position of the zoom 1x (lowest approximation), the viewing angle of the lens is maximal. This allows you to cover the largest space, but the detail of the image will be greatest if things are not so removed from the lens. By the way, use the space frame must wisely. It is desirable to avoid the appearance of unsightly elements. Watch for framing.
With increasing multiplicity of zoom angle decreases. And if you're too lazy to go to make it bigger, then it may be that not everything that you planned to go down in the frame. How did a better crop?

Cropping images

Fundamentals of video is meant by this term that sees your viewfinder (display), in the broadest sense - the lens, and he sees not all. As stated just above, should be removed so that the visual field, ie in the frame, did not get the extra and unsightly objects. In contrast to retouch photos video is very complicated and tedious, due to the fact that a lot of video frames that need to be retouched.

When you build a frame, make it so that the main subject matter served as much of a frame to the background, which in most cases very unsightly, was the least conspicuous. It's like a logical, you take action, people, and not the background. Another thing - filming landscapes and architecture, where there is no as such actors. But in this genre can get "surprises" in the form of a waste bin, etc. Note also the point that such "surprises" can occur suddenly when zooming.

But do not panic, even if you can not avoid such incidents while shooting, it can be removed during installation.

There is also a nuance of framing. With portraiture different head (close-up, when the frame only head portrayed), waist (middle distance, of course, with the head and waist), and finally, growth (the general plan, full-length). Head is better to apply when the person either speaks or expresses his emotions that you can see facial expressions. Growth, when I want to show all the actions made by man, such as dance. Lap - it's something in between when a person stands on the site, but it performs any action with his hands.

Try for framing the main subject matter close as possible to the center of the frame. This will improve perceptions and increase the quality of the image, because resolving power of lenses in the center much more than in the suburbs.

And what about transfer plans?

But here, in contrast to photography, a large field for imagination. Prospective transfer plan, we have considered above. You can also transfer plans in the horizontal and vertical planes. Naturally, these techniques can be combined. But just want to disappoint the majority of digital cameras "rip" a panorama (this applies only to the camera movement in these planes). It is expressed in pulling images, although you and do not jerk when moving the camera. So avoid quick movements. Again, the classic panorama from left to right or top to bottom. But we should not get hung up and hard to follow this rule. If the object is moving video "is not classically", you should depart from this rule. And here a moment! If you want to permanently record the actions of the subject - keep it constantly in the frame corresponding camera movements. But if you want to enhance the effect of speed, then, oddly enough, the camera should move toward the object. When you translate the plan from one actor to another, for example, in their dialogue, in any case, do not try to exactly follow the order of the dialogue that will melteshenie camera - watch it would be impossible. Learn how to translate plans in conjunction with zoom.

And how else can you translate the plan?

Yes, yes, the camera, again in contrast to the camera, allows you and one reception transfer plan, while maintaining his position and unchanged focal length. This is done by translating the focus from foreground to background or vice versa. However, this method is possible only when there is a manual focus camera, and make it convenient to just focus ring.

Mindful of the fact that the depth of field is minimal at high focal length, the implementation of this technique is useful only at very high multiplicity zoom, usually within 5 ... 8x.

Translation of the plan focus

Fundamentals of Video Turn the manual focus mode (manual focus) on the camera and direct the sharpness on the desired item.
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The most correct way, many would say, go to the salon and let the experts out there think and how to correct, cure or even revive. But, first, what to bring to the intensive care unit - it hurts. And secondly, not everyone brand viagra can afford a regular and continuous visits to the salon economic, organizational, or for any other reason.

I have it all began with the period when I went on maternity leave. Most do a pedicure is not possible, the salon as I do not shine - and as a way out, I resorted to using my mother in the hygienic needs. With the birth of the child first, I could not afford even a normally take a shower, not that allocate as much as half an hour: had to jump out of the bath and a wet, soapy and even, as only I could soothe crumbs. I have myself in all respects, was in last place.

In general, has been a nightmare, and my legs during this time, too, turned into a nightmare. I am not an exception from the masses: barely having time for everyone else on their feet attention has been almost nil. Never resorted to particularly rough procedures for exfoliation heels, now they remind me of the heel a hundred grandmothers. Nails have lost a beautiful shape and are cut off at not very attractive to the natural contour. And it seems that there was no place where skin is not coarse and did not turn into corns. About to wear sandals, not even the question.

Features leather foot

Foot does not matter for what reason we deny his legs in a good state of health and pleasure to luxuriate in the bath, but surely we forget that human feet - is a unique storehouse of reflex points and nerve endings, the effects are directly proportional to the impact on the entire body. Not for nothing from his childhood to the restoration of my mother taught us to walk barefoot on grass, sand, gravel or ordinary soil - it actually is healthy, so his indirect massage of the feet and peeling at the same time. So the state of the feet, we can say, depends on our overall condition. Probably each of the readers MirSovetov noticed that after the foot massage the feeling as if the whole body massage done and the feeling of relaxation applies to all agencies. You feel at once relaxed and refreshed.

    Often use in the heat of this feature. Arriving home, melted by the heat, immediately water the legs nice cool water to the knees - 5 minutes and seemed to be on the street did not come out, immediately the whole body becomes easier. The cooling effect to relieve fatigue and swelling of the feet are also creams with menthol or mint.

Foot massage and receive from walking on the carpet or floor from contact with shoes. It is therefore very important that the floor and carpets in the house were made of natural materials, and, moreover, to have good quality shoes. And if the skin is strongly anti ogrubevaet: horny cells do not have time to yourself peeled, with age they become more and more. With a constant load in the amount of our weight, they simply pressed and turn into corns and calluses, and through such a hard layer so no impact reaches reflectors. If in addition the skin cracks, or flakes - it is generally not in any frame. An urgent need to take action: the crack on the heels of their own direct route to infections and diseases. But we must also take into account that the cure is constantly being in the shoes of his feet, especially in the cold season, it will be very difficult.

In the heat of summer leather foot splash and wind, plus under the temperature even more dry. Legs all the time in plain sight, often in uncomfortable high-heeled sandals, and a further and manage to pass the day a lot of miles. Uncomfortable heel promotes abnormal distribution of weight acting on the foot and to increased pressure on some of its stations, which then turn into corns.
Pedicure at home corns is a compressed layer of hardened and dead cells of the stratum corneum of the skin, formed as a result of constant pressure on areas of the foot. Corns are hard and flat to the touch. Corn in nature are similar, but hilly and with the center, formed as a protective skin reaction to the constant friction, pressure or injury of skin. On my feet a lot of sweat glands, and if the sweat collects under the corn, he is a soft mound with a liquid inside. Zapuskanie state leg leads first to pain and then, when the situation is aggravated by non-serious attitude, and a visit to the doctor. If the dead are dead cells are removed in time, they do not have time to accumulate and cause the above disadvantages.

With regard to such problems as cracks, they cause excessive dryness in the skin of the foot. In the feet there is practically no sebaceous glands. Therefore, to avoid cracking heels need to eat regularly, and moisturize.

    If you have to tinker in the garden, even in hot weather wear, if not closed moccasins or sneakers, or at least socks of cotton in spanking. They will protect the foot from excessive dirt, dust and dryness. I do not know why, but my legs most terrible - dig in the ground or popolivat flowers barefoot. But on the sand to run quite nothing, naturally then wash and moisturize.

Nails need regular timely circumcision and podpilivaniya not only for aesthetic reasons. Outgrow its allowable length, they immediately start to break in shoes and can lead to serious injury.

Preparing for a pedicure

Pedicure at home Looking back pedicure in the salon, I suddenly realized that the whole process - just a simple thing. Actually, the same thing I do at home, and, moreover, not worse. The only thing I need is: a little time, cosmetics and accessory kit for a pedicure. Moreover, it turned out: the main cause running situation to normal, but after only maintain healthy feet. It's like with the cleaning: To be clear, no need to do it every day, it's easier just to maintain order.

With accessories for a pedicure is very simple and can be purchased at any specialty store or kiosk with haberdashery, which necessarily exist in every town. There is complete and all the cosmetic stuff.

A set of tools I will need the following:

    * Tweezers, pliers for the legs (or pedicure scissors);
    * Special Tweezers Cuticle;
    * Nail file made of glass;
    * Etched sanding with fine grit and polishing with a rubber coated;
    * Scraper nail;
    * Etched Foot (pumice or scrapers);
    * Nail Brush.

Can also come in handy dividers for finger sticks to move aside the cuticle and other things. You can also purchase pedicure set, there is usually already have everything and do not need to select individually.
I want to say about the makeup for the legs. If on cosmetics for the face being heated debate about the ability of penetration best finds of the cosmetic industry in the living layers of the skin and the impact on them, then the foot of this you should not worry. We here do not need to align the wrinkles, remove the excessive fat and rejuvenating skin artificial elaboration of elastin and collagen. The feet is correct and timely care for bed already dead cells, and it is able to provide cosmetic and the lowest level - mass-market, and, of course, all that is usually in every home is at hand. The pharmacy has to only in extreme cases of serious proliferating calluses and long nonhealing fractures. Time discovered the problem persists conventional healing creams.

Pedicure at home For certain readers MirSovetov have a favorite line of cosmetics, and it must exist preparations for the feet. I prefer to have: exfoliation, nourishing cream, gel cooling, deodorant, cream or talc with a deodorizing effect, and cream to soften calloused areas, means for feeding the cuticle (cuticle removal tool does not use). Do not neglect also ready mixes for foot baths, this speeds up the process and facilitates the preparation. Most often in the composition of such mixtures include components contributing to soften calloused areas. While doing a manicure, feet can also relax. Ready alternative fluids may be added to the water, essential oils of grapefruit and rosemary (tone), lavender (relaxation).

Instead of softening cosmetics or the absence thereof suitable pharmaceutical glycerin, salicylic acid, or you can add 1 tablespoon salt to 1 liter of cool water. Soften orogovelosti can also add to the bath baking soda and ammonia. If in a hurry - then glycerin and acid, if thoroughly - something completely get rid of the rise of corns, which are characteristic after removal occur again and again, helps the salt and soda with smelling salts. Full of hot salt baths strengthen the nail plate. The main condition for successful treatment - a good decoupling. When the situation started, the process of softening have done more than once. And only then move on.

For nourishing and hydrating procedures feet should be fine and not only for their intended creams. It can be generally any creams with the same properties (and the children are no exception), oil or body lotion, and even conventional sunflower oil with more and healing effect.
For the final phase will need paint, as well as firming and nourishing base.

Pedicure at home

Pedicure at home Mandatory rule: 1 time per month to find an hour and a half for a leisurely, correct and complete the procedure. In the salon pedicure session is about this time, so if you try to do everything faster, simply will reduce everything to the banal minimum.
The procedure of pedicure at home:

   1. Carefully cut the nail clippers or scissors perpendicular to the nail plate, but not too close to the body. Rounded edge gently to avoid ingrowth. Length usually do so to nail a few did not reach to the ends of fingers. At first I did for many years and cut off the nail parallel to the growth, and it was a mistake - they started to grow into, and the nail became very sharp, which greatly hindered in the shoe. And this kind of summer I was very confused. Had a long, long sweat lined up to form a correct: for every circumcision overall length of leveled by 1-1,5 mm from the most protruding part, sometimes get too close and painful.

      Spatula or scraper, remove the accumulated dirt and horny cells from the marigolds. Nail file, file nails in one direction. Grind and polish. It helps whiten yellow in the nail plate on his feet. The main thing is not to overdo it with grit, not to damage it. Following such techniques do not even require the imposition of varnish, nails, and so will look well groomed.

   2. Draw a means to soften and remove cuticles, rub. And only now omit the legs in a warm bath. The point is that nails are porous, and if they soak up the cutoff for a long time plate fed liquid and soften. Nails can not be properly podpilit - and this will entail breakage, and then splitting.

      While foot soak until they can be rubbed with a stiff brush for the feet.

      After a few minutes and wipe feet stick out of the orange tree gently remove or move aside the cuticle. Scraper clears away orogovelye cells in its vicinity and the entire surface of the nail. For cutting the cuticle, there are special knives, they are very sharp, they can easily get hurt. If you have never cut the cuticles, it is better not to start. It plays a protective function for the nail bed, and very importantly it does not hurt.
   3. Pedicure at home then drop the leg again for 15-20 minutes in the tub. Alternately, take out a leg, well wipe and remove the horny layer of nail file, or scraper. I want to draw attention of readers MirSovetov that the leg should not be wet, and worn and sodden from the bath - then emery board will not slip on a droplet of water and good will remove rough skin.

      Handle the running legs have two or three times in a row with a difference of several minutes, but more for a single procedure is not necessary. Exfoliate finish using the scrub. If necessary, use tweezers to cut the dead skin and burrs.

   4. Light massaging rub means for feeding the cuticle, which can also substitute almond oil or vitamin E. Apply the moisturizer or oil.
   5. This stage is the last one: if you want to strike a basic, protective coating or lacquer.

      Between sessions thorough pedicure can be done in between. To soften calluses and corns are special cosmetic creams. This cream applied after a bath or shower topically to clean legs steamed for 25-30 minutes. Then the same sawing easily removes dead skin cells and rinsed.

Pamper your feet

Foot bath with whirlpool pedicure except compulsory let soak his feet in all sorts of benefits at least sometimes. Are your feet the worst thing that you have? Love them.

If you can - buy a tub with hydromassage and feet will thank you with health and beauty. Be sure to add a bath ready mixes, essential oils, or self-prepared herbal teas and conifers.

Take a self-massage, it simply combined with the application of the cream. Need only spend a little more time and rub the cream more vigorously, stretching heels, toes and all the foot.

Very useful for leg skin softening procedure that can be done within a pedicure, but you can separate after normal admission soul. It is, I would say, a kind of strong rapid assistance to our feet. Put the cream (moisturizing or nourishing zhirnenky), rub, massaging the feet well and wear them thin plastic bags and socks on top of cotton. If you just pull the socks, then half the cream is absorbed into the fabric of life, but with plastic wrap - all just a leg. It would be nice to do it all night. Actually this procedure, I began lead leg in order. The result of this morning is simply amazing. If done regularly, the skin will always be damp, soft, and straight from the tin.
Proper foot care
Well-groomed feet How often should I take care of your feet directly? A full pedicure done once a month, and the need to cut your nails every two weeks. With regard to hydration and nutrition - that it is never too much: The cream should be applied every day after showering. Summer at the feet of increased attention, including on the beach: the foot, too, need protection from the sun and moisturize afterwards. Daily use different deodorizing agent, a warning excessive sweating and odor. Peeling feet needed as well as a person - every 2-3 days.
Nail plate itself needs to feed and strengthen, if weak nails - every time you strike a nail under the appropriate basis or use it independently. Do not forget that the nails on their feet - this is the same as on the hands, and for them as well suited for the growth of cosmetics, bleaching, and special cosmetic oils for nails.

Maybe now going to surprise readers MirSovetov, but for foot skin is also a mask that can address specific problems or just caring. Deprived of her legs is also not needed. Foot Care from time to time does not bring any significant results, except that only does not allow to run quite a problem.

Do not terrorize feet tall uncomfortable heels, so you can prevent the formation of more and more corns and excessive fatigue. If you need to still "keep the mark" on his heels at work under the table, you can always have the same beautiful expensive shoes, but with a slight heel, your feet can relax while you sit or mosque in the sweat of the office. If have to leave the room or office - can always dress his Superferry and light jazz walk to show off the hall.

Faced with the constant lack of time, and often the inability to walk into the salon, I made for myself some of the findings, chief of which is as follows. Whatever it was necessary to wash the dishes, do laundry, ironing, or do the cleaning - all this is to defer, until I took time for themselves and for their health. The family worries mistress, wife and mother is just not enough time just for themselves. And their problems to solve, or just when pripeklo or, in extreme cases, as a last resort. First of all, it is possible to put only the needs of breast crumbs (if any) to which my mother always needed here and now. Everything else can wait. Do you have a - one.
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